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Buyer’s Agent Defined

A buyer’s agent role is to represent you as a property buyer. This is different from the role that most real estate agents serve, which is to represent the seller of a property.

If you are considering purchasing real estate in Maine’s midcoast region, finding a reputable buyer’s agent will greatly simplify your property search and protect your interests. If you choose me as your buyer’s agent, I will serve as your advocate and advisor in the home buying process. The process begins with a phone or in-person interview so we can get to know each other. If appropriate, we then complete a simple agreement that outlines my duties as your representative in buying a home and designates me as your agent.

How am I paid? Real estate agents are paid a pre-set percentage of the sale price by the property seller. Often these payments go entirely toward paying the seller’s agent. However, if more than one agent is involved, then the percentage is usually split between them. Since the funds have already been set aside by the seller, it makes sense for buyers to allocate  a portion of these funds to serve their own interests, rather than simply serving the interests of sellers.

As more buyers discover that they have the right to hire an agent to represent their interests, the number of real estate agents who specialize as buyer’s agents has increased.

In summary, a buyer’s agent provides one of the few professional services that specifically protects your interests as a property buyer. Finding a reputable buyer’s agent is the first thing that most experienced buyers do when they decide to make a property purchase.


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Here is what I can do for you.

  • Take the time to discuss your specific property requirements as well as your property wishlist.
  • Provide information on current market conditions and the quality of the local neighborhoods.
  • Research homes in the area by searching the primary Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database by your specific preferences. I look not only at price but also at the exact features you want in your new home.
  • Most importantly, by carefully reviewing the property disclosures, advise you when a property has restrictions, flaws or defects. These may include items such as easement disputes, soil or water contamination issues, unsafe radon air or water levels, contested property lines, restrictions on construction, and unwanted shared wells or driveways.
  • Act as your agent in drafting and submitting offers, preparing forms, and negotiating counteroffers.
  • Provide oversight and follow-up on home inspections.
  • Counsel you on how to handle repairs that may be needed on the property and provide names of local contractors who may be able to help.
  • Be present at the real estate closing to ensure that your interests are addressed and protected.


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